Integrity is the cornerstone on which we base our company.  Not only is it a requirement for the clients that we work with, but also for our employees.  How people handle themselves when no one else is watching is how we define that as a company.


Commitment is what separates us from our competition.  Not only do we guarantee to come through on our promise to our clients but also to the growth and development of our people.  We are committed to shaping our team’s future.


We are the potential face and personality linking your company to its customers.  That is why we hold our employees to the highest standards. We know how important your brand is to your company which is why we make sure every interaction with our team is a positive one.


We take pride in our fun and energetic company culture, which is why we make sure each day’s challenges are balanced with exciting team building activities.  Personal relationships are not only important in our day to day role in working with customers but also to those we create within our team.  We take the time to truly get to know the professional and personal goals of each and every one of our staff.


Our Vision is to become the benchmark for outsourced sales and marketing firms. We strive to surpass the expectations of not only our clients, but also our customers and staff. We will expand to four more markets in the next twelve months.


Our Mission at Steel City Executives, Inc. is to increase market share for our growing clients while providing an opportunity for our staff to build their own future regardless of the struggling economy. We know that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our future.